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Hall Tree is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial tree service. We provide all of the services below for homeowners, contractors, developers, real estate agencies and insurance companies. We take pride in our professionalism and communication, making every attempt to answer the phone or call you back within hours of your initial call. In addition, we strive to provide written estimates of work on the same day as your initial contact.

We are a year round tree service business, however snow/weather in the winter may delay or inhibit work schedules. Our busy time of year is obviously the summer months, so call in the spring to get the best deals!


With years of experience falling and climbing trees we take every precaution to remove trees as safely as possible. If we cannot straight fall your tree, we will climb it safely. If there is no room to put the wood and branches (i.e., tree in a deck) we have years of experience working with cranes in many different situations. There are many cleanup options to fit any budget when that tree just has to come down.






We provide yard cleanup services that include pine needle raking, downed woody debris removal, old firewood removal or stacking and wood splitting services. Conifers lose up to 33% of their needles every year, don't let them pile up in your yard! A once per year cleanup will maintain your defensible space and can be done in generally 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property. Don't waste time and money by putting it in green bags that you have to look at all summer, let us do the work, hauling it away in our dump trailer in one eco-friendly shot!


Living in a forested area, it is the homeowners responsibility to maintain defensible space on their property. Many local areas require compliance to their specific regulations and Hall Tree is either a preferred provider or highly familiar with their specifications. We take pride in maintaining the aesthetic and health of your property while guaranteeing defensible space compliance on each and every project.




It is important to prune for structure on ornamental trees, especially during the first 7 years after planting. Jason has been trained in the most current philosophy regarding structure and tree health pruning. This assures that future branch breakage is minimized, leaving your investment looking great for years to come. In addition, we trim dead and green branches from pines to improve aesthetic and remove hazardous limbs. All trees are climbed without the use of spikes!


Jason is an ISA Certified Arborist (#WE-8756A). He maintains his certification by earning continuing education units (CEU'S) though seminars and educational materials. Keeping up with current standards and new technologies is important to Jason. He can provide Certified Arborist Reports on specific trees or entire properties. Certain areas require a report prior to tree removal and all reports by Hall Tree are compliant with all agency or development  requirements.


Hall Tree utilizes a Vermeer SC252 stump grinder. It allows us to grind most any stump to a depth of approximately 6" below grade. If you are tired of tripping on the stumps in your yard, get it ground out.

Stumps are ground on a per inch basis with varying pricing depending on the type of tree. Harder woods cost a bit more than soft woods, so give us a call and we'll give you a free estimate. 

At Hall Tree, "We'll grind 'em so you can't find 'em!".

We offer chipping services on the material that is generated from defensible space or tree removal work in your yard. We can also chip material you've generated as long as it is clean of soil and rocks.

Chips make a nice ground cover in planters and throughout your yard as a BMP for erosion control. We can include chipping in the estimate for other work, or do it hourly if you just need your slash chipped and piled for use on your property.

Many insurance companies have increased their requirements for defensible space and vegetation clearance distances in our area. To maintain insurance coverage, they require trees to be trimmed and/or removed. We can provide these services as well as the documentation necessary for you to keep your insurance. We take before and after photos of the work, making it easy for you to prove the work was done and that you've met your insurance providers requirements. Call for more information.


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